Robert Dvorak
The Founder

We are brilliant in measuring and counting, we can analyse and predict. We have lots of knowledge and technologies, which astonish us. We have a lot but we want more. And that is natural, commonly human. Nothing we should be ashamed of. That is why we drive on Mars, why we can speak with our mother on the other side of the planet, that is why we live longer than ever before. We can be justly proud. It is a constantly recurring victory of freedom of human spirit, its unflagging desire to create and discover. I will not continue BUT, but THAT IS PRECISELY WHY. That is precisely why we need to take another step. A significant step. A step that will allow us to keep on creating, developing, and improving. Which ensures that there will still be where to take from and where to give. It seems to be a big thing; it is a big thing, but it is not rocket science. It is more an art, or better still a skill. A skill to stick to material. To see that what is continues to be. That things which came to being continue to serve. Either in their original or new form. That the unnecessary or useless things are given away, the broken ones are repaired, and the unsatisfactory ones remade. So that they can live as long as we do. Let us want and have things but hold back from throwing them away.